The Best Podcasts for Book Worms

The Best Podcasts for Book Worms

The second best thing to reading? Listening to book podcasts!

Whether you're always looking for more books to add to your to-read list or want a deep dive into the world of literature, podcasts are the perfect way to stay connected to the literary world and explore new authors, books, and ideas. So without further ado, let's dive in and explore the 6 best podcasts for bookworms!


1. NPR's Book of the Day


This podcast is great for those who have short attention spans (episodes are between 7 and 15 minutes long), or who just want some snappy recommendations for their next read. They talk about titles across all genres, so there’s something for everyone. This includes YA fiction and graphic novels, and therefore is a great way to find authors or new fiction your kids or students might like!


Listen to...In "New Kid", a Black seventh grader navigates a new school


2. You’re Booked



A self-styled "book detective", author Daisy Buchanan visits fellow writer’s homes and has a nose around their bookshelves. It’s a forensic analysis of your favorite writer’s book collection, as well as a “biography through books”, as they discuss the books that shaped them. Daisy’s chatty style along with her incredibly vast knowledge of books means there are gems in each episode.


Listen to...Ep 112 : Malorie Blackman


3. The New Yorker Fiction Podcast


In this podcast, contemporary writers read a story from the New Yorker archive and discuss why they love the piece they've chosen with the New Yorker’s fiction editor Deborah Treisman. The archive is a treasure trove of extremely listenable stories. The authors really make them come alive off the page.


Listen to...Anne Enright Reads John Cheever's The Swimmer


4.  The New York Time’s The Book Review



For those who like books discussed in depth, each episode is an hour long dive into new releases. These titles serve as a good jumping off point to discuss larger themes. It's a great way to keep up with current events and the books you may not have the time to read.


Listen to...George Saunders on "Lincoln in the Bardo"


5. Backlisted


Podcasters John Mitchinson and Andy Miller discuss obscure and out of print titles with enthusiasm. Their refreshing lack of pretentiousness means they sidestep the usual cliches and do a deep dive into the annals of literary history. Great for when you’ve exhausted the best-seller list and want to search further afield for new titles.


Listen to...My Ántonia by Willa Cather


6. Celebrity Book Club


For those who like their book reviews with a side of funny! Comedian hosts Claire Parker and Ashley Hamilton read a different celeb memoir each week and discuss. Each episode feels like your very own cheese-and-wine book club with your best friends!


Listen to...Lauren Graham is Talking as Fast as She Can


7. Book Fight


If the idea of a book themed podcast seems a little tame for you, Book Fight brings some bite. The hosts are not afraid to bring in some pointed critiques, but their passionate listener-base keeps them on their toes.


Listen to...Ep 414: 2022 Holiday Spectacular

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