Discover the magic of words with Book Quote Decor. Bring literary wisdom into your home.

Bring the magic of your favorite books into your everyday life with our art prints, tote bags, and mugs. At Book Quote Decor, we offer high-quality pieces featuring quotes from beloved authors to inspire, motivate, and bring a smile to your face. Perfect for literary enthusiasts who seek daily inspiration and a touch of elegance in their surroundings.


The words of Norman Maclean have a way of touching your soul and evoking emotions you didn't know were there. The print itself is beautifully crafted, with attention to detail that makes it truly special. I placed it in my meditation corner, and it adds a sense of serenity to the space.

The Alfred Lord Tennyson Quote Coffee Mug with the Ulysses quote is undeniably stunning. The design is captivating, and the quote is a wonderful choice for any literature lover. This mug has quickly become my favorite. If you love Tennyson or enjoy meaningful quotes on your coffee mug, this one is a must-have!

The design and quote from 'As You Like It' are lovely and resonate deeply with the essence of life. The print's size is just right for my study, and the paper quality is good. However, I wish there were more framing options available to choose from. Overall, it's a beautiful piece of literary art, and I enjoy having it on my wall."

The "Anthony Bourdain Life and Travel Quote Print" is a gem for anyone who admired the late great chef and travel documentarian. I was a big fan of his shows and books, and having this print in my home makes me feel connected to his spirit. I believe it's a meaningful piece of art for any Bourdain fan or travel enthusiast.

I must say that the Elisabeth Kubler-Ross watercolor print is an absolute gem! The emotions conveyed through her brushstrokes are captivating and touching. The print has a calming effect, and I find myself getting lost in its beauty every time I look at it. Highly recommended for fellow nature lovers!

The "Some People Feel The Rain. Others Just Get Wet" quote print by Bob Dylan is an absolute masterpiece. Every time I glance at this print, it reminds me to appreciate every moment and experience life fully. It's a daily dose of inspiration. The design is elegant, and the typography is beautifully done.