A Book-Themed Gift Guide for your Book Worm Friends and Family!

A Book-Themed Gift Guide for your Book Worm Friends and Family!

Do you have a book lover in your life? You know, that person who can't put down a book and is always on the lookout for the next great read?


With many a gift-giving holiday looming, it’s time to start planning out the presents you are going to give your loved ones. It’s not always easy to find each person the perfect gift, but if your recipient is a book-worm, you have a plethora of options!


From classic novels and cozy reading nooks idea to unique bookish accessories and gadgets, you can easily find something special that any book-lover would appreciate. We’ll give you practical tips on how to find and choose the perfect present, plus advice on how to make sure it’s something they’ll truly treasure. So, if you’re looking for a way to show your appreciation for the book lovers in your life, read on.


1…For the wannabe Librarian


Everyone has that friend who secretly (or not so secretly) wanted to grow up to be a librarian. If they didn’t fulfil this childhood ambition in adulthood, it tends to manifest itself in extremely specific book recommendations and the ability to know the precise location of every book they’ve ever lent out. While it’s probably not good to encourage their book hoarding tendencies, you could buy them a beautiful stamp so that they can lend books out with confidence.



This book stamp kit is so cute! It comes in a very smart box and contains all the librarian trimmings: a date stamp, ink pad, library pockets, and more!


2…For the organised book reader


For some, obsessive list-making and book-reading go hand-in-hand. Organised readers love to track their reading habits and set goals for themselves. So why not get them a beautiful planner fully dedicated to their reading?



This beautiful reading journal from SunshineandRavioli has a gorgeous ornate cover and the inside doesn’t disappoint either. Each section is divided by botanical and nature illustrations, and the sections themselves are divided in really practical ways. What’s more, you can also personalise it so that the recipient’s name is on the cover!


3...For the busy book-lover


While the ideal of book-reading is being snuggled up in front of a log fire with a new book, the reality isn’t always possible. Some bookworms are just too busy to get the amount of reading done that they’d like to, or they might struggle to stay sitting down for long periods. An active bookworm’s best friend is definitely an audio-book subscription. Time previously spent doing mindless chores or scrolling instagram on your commute can now be spent plowing your way through the best-seller list!



Audible is currently offering 4 months for $5.95, and after that, $14.95. Subscribers get 1 title a month as well as exclusive access to members only deals. 


4...For the fashionista

Some book-lover want to wear their love of books on their sleeve, and we approve! There is no end of hilarious literary-themed t shirts, jewellery or hoodies that will keep you warm this fall season.  You can never go wrong with a practical and stylish tote bag, sturdy enough for your weekly shop or your latest book haul!



This Pride and Prejudice tote is not only practical and sturdy but also made of 100% organic cotton.



5...For the person who has read everything

It’s important to support out local independent book stores so that they can stay open and continue providing an invaluable service to the communities that they’re in. But, regularly buying new books can be prohibitively expensive for some. If you have a voracious reader in your life, you cannot go wrong by gifting them a gift card to their favourite bookstore.


6...For the obsessive fan


While Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone or Jane Eyre might be a little out of your price range, you may be surprised how affordable other First Editions can be on specialist websites such as Abe Books. Many early editions can be bought for about $30-50. If your book worm recipient holds a candle for a particular book, why not see if you can score them a beautiful first edition?


7...For the speedy reader


There is nothing more exciting than getting a gift in the mail. So what could be better than receiving a new book in the mail…every month! This neat idea will keep your speedy reader loved ones on their toes and will give them a boost for months to come.

There are a handful of highly-rated book subscription boxes, some of which cater to particular genres and some of which come with fun extras and book tie-ins. Some of them get you to pick your own titles, while others are all about the element of surprise and trying out new authors and genres.


8...For the night-owl


Some book-worms do their best reading after dark. But over head lights or bedside lamps can strain your eyes or can disturb those sharing the space with you. Treat your loved one to a fancy book light. These nifty gadgets are no longer the colourful plastic things you had when you were a kid. Now they are sleek and modern.


9...For the interior decorator

If you know a particular book or literary quote that resonates deeply with your recipient, a framed art print can make a beautiful gift. However, art and decor tastes are highly personal, so make sure that your print choice will work well with their tastes .

This Macbeth quote print is perfect for the gothic bookworm in your life who loves everything spooky and scary!


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