How to Have the Best Self-Care Cozy Reading Day

How to Have the Best Self-Care Cozy Reading Day

With shorter evenings, colder temperatures and fewer fun things to do outside, our natural inclination can be to burrow deeper into our duvets on days off and watch unhealthy amounts of Netflix. Or you end up doing a handful of random chores and not really relaxing much at all. If this sounds like you, then we have the perfect formula to the book-worm’s “self-care” day!

Our step-by-step guide will take right through from lazy morning to a relaxing evening.


Step 1 : Breakfast

All the best days off should always start with a delicious and slow breakfast. Since the mornings are cold now in the Northern Hemisphere, we recommend something warm. If spending time in the kitchen is not your thing, why not prep something the night before?

Pancake mix or overnight oats are great options. Even if you don’t mind a bit of cooking, get everything out the night before - your ingredients, utensils, and so on - so that it makes the process as enjoyable as possible. And if you take it back to bed with you, who are we to judge?!


Step 2 : Get Some Sun, or Just Get Outside

Depending on the weather outside, how cold it is, or you attitude to the great outdoors, you might want to skip this step. But believe us, it will feel so good. A brisk walk in the fresh air, even if its just towards your favourite coffee shop, definitely counts as exercise. Getting some sun or chilly wind in your face will make you feel refreshed and energised.

If you live in proximity to nature, all the better. Go kicks some autumn leaves and breathe in some clean tree-air. If you find you're enjoying yourself or the weather is particularly beautiful, stay out as long as possible. Why not put an audiobook on and turn your nature walk into a book walk?


Step 2: Put on Your Comfy Clothes

Left: Loungewear set from OddBird Co Right: Flannel Pyjamas from Jenni Kayne

Tight pants are banned, constricting underwear is forbidden and clothes that do not warm you are outlawed forever. If this means a full-on pyjama day, then go for it. But if you feel your best self in some comfy loungewear or your favourite yoga leggings, this is good also.

We also recommend some sort of garment that doubles as a blanket. The point is to feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible.


Step 3 : Cleanse Your Space

Top: A beautiful sofa from Maker & Son Bottom: Literary Quote Print from Book Quote Decor

It can be hard to relax in an environment that is out of sync with your goals. Since the point of your day is to enjoy maximum calm and coziness, you want your space around you to reflect this too. Instead of devoting a good part of your day to cleaning, plan ahead a little bit in the week leading up to your day off. That way, all that you need to do when your day off arrives is a little bit of tidying up.

Put out of sight anything that you can get done another day, such as laundry or paperwork. Make your cozy space, whether it be your living room or your bedroom, a sanctuary of peace and relaxation.


Step 4 : Delicious Smells

Sometimes it can be hard to relax properly. You might find you can’t stop thinking about tomorrow’s works, jobs around the house or other things bothering you. Sometimes you need to tell your brain that it is relaxation time, not work time. A great way to do this is set the mood with amazing smells.

In the winter time, there is nothing more wholesome and warming than the smell of freshly baked bread,  cookies or roasting coffee. If you don’t bake, another way to infuse your home with delicious is by placing a small bowl of vanilla essence in your oven at a very low temperature. You won’t believe how good it will make your home smell!



Step 4 : Cozy Lights

Autumn drifting into winter means more rain and darker evenings. This sudden plunge into Daylight Savings time can be a shock to the system when 5.30 pm seems like midnight! Prepare yourself mentally by lighting a few lamps here and there as the sun starts to set.

If you are stuck inside on a rainy day, creating a beautiful warm glow with fairy lights and candles. Just a few simple light sources can have a huge effect on your mood.


Step : Chill Music


Like a cozy blanket for your mind, music can transform your space from house to haven. Whether you like classical harp or rain sounds, pop on a playlist at a low volume. Some of my favourite playlists include "Coffee Table Jazz" and "Peaceful Piano" If you’re sharing your space with other people, it also spreads the cozy feelings, and will hopefully make them feel good too.

Just make sure to play it at an ambient level, so that every can enjoy it (and not become irritated).


Step 5 : A Beautiful Beverage

You are so close to finally cracking open your new book. But no cozy reading day is complete without a delicious hot drink. The important thing is to enjoy the process. Whether you make a laboriously concocted hot cocoa with marshmallows and sprinkles or a pot of your favourite tea, this is the key ingredient to a cozy day.


Step 6 : Find your spot and snuggle in

Now to find the perfect spot to snuggle in. Wherever it is, make sure to bring your softest blanket, cosiest socks and slippers, as well as your hot drink. We recommend finding a quiet spot, away from any hustle and bustle going on in your house. Some of you are so expert at this that you will already have your own armchair or sofa spot ready. If you need complete comfort, then prop yourself up in bed with lots of pillows and everything you need within arm’s reach.

If it happens to be next to a window with a beautiful view (preferably a frosty morning or rainy afternoon), all the better


Step 7: Crack Open a New Book

Finally, the moment you have been preparing for…settling down with an amazing book. We recommend revisiting some classics, or getting a new book from an independent bookseller, or exploring your library or second-hand book store for an undiscovered gem! 

Then snuggle up and get reading! Remember to take regular breaks for a drink or to gaze wistfully out of the window in dramatic moments!


Step 8: Movie Night!


If you share your home with others, they might eventually try to tear you away from your book to be sociable. In line with your cozy book theme, why not suggest a literary movie night? There are a million book adaptations to fit whatever you are in the mood for, here are some of my favourites, new and old…



Whether you choose to do all these things or just a couple, make sure to enjoy every moment : ) 

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